The full moon peak time GMT will actually be at 7.40pm on the 5th October, so we will creating our despacho prayer bundle as a gift for the Earth over this peak time. We create a replica of the world we wish to inherit, for our children and our children’s children, all our prayers and...
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Come and be part of a Despacho Prayer bundle creation and fire on the Full Moon, for healing and balance. Cost £15 per person, limited places.
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Over the course of 8 weeks beginning 7pm on Monday 11th September 2017 participants will receive the Munay Ki rites and learn about embodying the rites and living with the energy they bring to their lives so they can be embodied and the gifts utilised in the everyday. Participants will be shown tools to engage their life...
Read More Day of working with manifestation of our desires. Interesting subject, plenty to discuss and participate with, we will be doing gazing, journeying to lower world to retrieve power animals, upper world journey for destiny gift, working in ceremonial sacred time, left eye tracking, story writing, engaging mythical realm through tarot and story. Candle ceremony with...
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