Evening talk @ Hawkwood, Stroud 12th Nov 16

mitchartThis will be an opportunity for the Homeopathic students at Hawkwood College to have an experience of the Deep Awake process, I learned this from Tim Freke http://timfreke.com I had done some eye to eye gazing with my shamanic training at the four winds http://www.thefourwinds.com and have used it with shamanic clients for tracking wellness and calling in the highest goals for a client. Daniel and Linda Bonder have been using gazing for a while too http://www.sanielandlinda.com whom I have done some study with in the past, so I have been very familiar with what heart gazing can create.

Tim, has created a nice framework for sharing a deep connection through gazing to bring that deep love connection with a big group of people! With the use of music, little 3 minute sharings in pairs for 30mins (keep changing the partners!) this creates wonders for all. Very powerful means of bringing love and coherence into the world. I’m a big fan.

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  1. Yiota Papanikolaou

    I did an eye gazing meditation with Jeremy a few days ago in Hawkwood and it blew my mind! The energy was so powerful like nothing I had ever done before in my life. I realised that you see people all the time interact with them, but never actually SEE them and feel them into their beings. I saw the light into people and that experience changed me profoundly. I plan to do it again very soon. Thank you so much Jeremy for that life changing experience..<3

    1. Mitchy108

      Thank you Yiota for the feedback, it was a pleasure to be there with you all and share the DEEP AWAKE gazing. You are a lovely bunch of people, you’ll all make wonderful homeopaths. It’s always powerful and mind-blowing for me too, it never ceases to amaze me. Great you’re going to get it OUT THERE with others! Hurray! Big love!

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