Jeremy Mitchard


“The nature of the cosmos is such that whatever vision you have about yourself, and the world, will become a reality.”

– Alberto Villoldo

Energetic Medicine

A holistic approach to health means attending to all levels of a person – the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual – to take every aspect of a persons life into consideration.

If your sink at home is spilling over with water and your mopping the floor, you might think it a sensible idea to unplug the sink before you start mopping the floor!? We could spend all day mopping, but that seems sort of pointless wouldn’t you agree?

Similarly, Drs in modern medicine are trauma specialists, modern medicine is wonderful, I love it and I will be the first to refer a patient to the hospital if they’ve been bitten by a snake! But after you’ve healed come see me and I’ll tell you why the snake bit you, maybe it had a message for you, maybe it’s possible to avoid being bitten again. The shaman dances between two worlds, that of the everyday physical reality and that of the world of energy, like dancing on the ‘=’ symbol with E=MC2. Everything you experience is part of the picture that makes up the whole, nothing is without context or excluded. All is relevant and encompassing. There are no coincidences. 

Holistic medicine looks at the whole person and goes deeply into the energy of the patient, delves deeply. We travel to the original blockage beyond the mopping. With a deeper approach we can travel upstream to unblock that problem that’s been plugging the river and causing a lack of life and sustenance downstream on the physical and emotional level.


I trained at the School of Homeopathy based in Stroud UK. I often use remedies to support my shamanic work with a person. Often when a person tells their story it’s clear that there are themes within their story that repeat themselves. Whether they feel isolated, hunted, trapped, perhaps how they express themselves tells more of their ailments than anything they can verbally tell me. A homeopathic remedy is like dropping an energetic bomb deep into the lake of the person and it’s ripples reverberate backwards and forwards through time, loosening and realigning the individual better than working simply on the physical level. There are remedies which work directly with the physical but where shamanic soul work is concerned, homeopathy can create tidal waves back upstream to the source of an ailment, to clear long harboured debris.

Patients often can’t explain what has shifted, but they say they feel more themselves, more aligned and there is a feeling of lightness where before their was stagnancy and sludge. The aim is to bring balance and alignment on all levels, mental, soul, emotions and physical symptoms. 


“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.”

– Edward Bach

Shamanic Ceremony

We each have an energetic field that encapsulates our physical body, it holds our genetic information, our blueprint to wellness and holds all our history of past trauma. By working with this energetic blueprint it’s possible to shift things on a very deep level to bring about change in your reality beyond and inclusive of your physical body.

From 2005-08 I trained in ancient Peruvian soul techniques at the Light Body School based in the USA as founded by Alberto Villoldo. Since my initial training, which was over 15 years ago now, my understanding has expanded and deepened to reveal more and more, solidifying my understanding of how healing happens beyond time and space, ceremony is the means by which this can happen, it’s how we access and hack the Light Body.

Soul work is difficult to interpret into words, words are formed on the mental sphere, but you know when things are felt and the penny has dropped in a patient, connections are made within, beyond words. We all get those AHA moments. We can have knowledge of things, that is the intellectual level, but when we evolve our consciousness and see the problem differently, we can shift it, then healing has the opportunity to happen on all levels. When a problem is understood with heart, then it is wisdom and that’s a power you can bring to your life experience, its no longer seen just as an ailment. It’s the difference between understanding that rain is more than water, an understanding that rain is created by heat and formed as clouds, that it’s part of a larger dynamic which is moving, growing, journeying. Our perspective and our place in the world becomes expanded, we see the interactivity of our situation. Then the story that we held for ourselves can be rewritten. We see the part we are playing, maybe a drama we did not want, sometimes our parts are written for us by others, by our ancestors maybe, people we have never met, cultural beliefs, family beliefs that hold us and direct us negatively. 

How we hold ourselves and how we perceive our situation is everything. My aim is to bring wisdom and clarity to your life. When I meet a new patient, I don’t see an ailment, I see an opportunity for healing that needs to be embraced. If you disbelieve the power of the invisible world, think for a moment about love, you can’t see it but yet so much happens because of it… I’ve seen people die of a broken heart. Take a moment to feel the amount of energy you create within yourself when you think of a loved one, the power of connection is strong, magnetic, a force beyond words.

I have developed relationships with archetypal forces, that allow me to create a space in our everyday world strong enough to create change within it, allowing the person to be free enough to make a shift within themselves. To bring light and presence to a situation that allows them to change.


“Life and death and rebirth live within me.”

– Alberto Villoldo

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Costs are £40 an hour for shamanic work or homeopathy.