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Alternative Therapy

Homeopathy is useful for all kinds of problems;

  • Chronic conditions which are often linked to inherited conditions and specific ways people express their disease, these can also include recurring thought patterns and feelings about their life.
  • Individual symptoms – physical, emotional, mental as well as strange, rare and peculiar symptoms.
  • Therapeutic treatment for known diseases and remedies for specific problems such as headaches, coughs and colds.
  • Trauma and acute care – for example, Arnica for bruises, Apis for bee stings, Cantharis for burns.
  • Homeopathy is also really useful for complementary treatments running alongside regular allopathic medicines for example, managing the side-effects of drugs.

A holistic approach means attending to all levels of a person’s health – the physical, emotional and the mental. It’s necessary to take every aspect of a persons life into consideration. It’s not just treating the disease. Firing bombs at an illness is not the approach of a healer. It’s necessary to understand the deeper reasons why a misalignment has occurred and created symptoms that are destructive and uncomfortable. 

Everyone is unique and our stories reflect this. It’s possible to see several people with the same ailment and though they all have the same problem, they all receive a different remedy.

Hearing the complaints about how ailments are impacting your daily life, I gather all the information I require to then decide on which remedy to give you.

Alternative Counselling

I call it a ‘Soul Walk’. It’s a great alternative to a sitting counselling session. We meet, walk and share.

Nature is a great teacher and needs to be included in our life in order to be healthy on all levels. We engage in a mini ceremony and story writing in nature to gain insights and clarity for your journey.

A ‘Soul Walk’ would make an excellent precursor to an hour healing session either on the same day or a few days later. It would help establish more clearly what energy work, if any, needs to be done.

“Fear is a seed of compassion. To know this, is to embrace all of who we are and embrace our inner fears with compassion and joy. To use this moment in time, as an opportunity to step through a portal into whom we were born to become.” – J Mitchard

Trauma Repair

When we’ve experienced Trauma parts of our energy field can become frozen and switched off, this creates a sense of numbness and disengagement for the person. The disengagement can come in a form which can be resistant to change and looking at the issue which needs healing. Both represent an inability to feel the issue. In order to repair the trauma it has to be seen, there has to be an ability to feel the discomfort and be with it.

There are different interventions that I use to help people engage with the issue, gazing can be an incredible tool, a ceremony can be good to release the frozen energy. There are homeopathic remedies which are great for healing past issues, such as Natrum Muriaticum and Ignatia, but it’s best to take a full case history so the right remedy can be pin pointed.

Of course, we are born into trauma so it’s a little like a fish not knowing it’s breathing water, if you can’t see it, it’s always been there, how are you going to change? In a sense, we’re all traumatised, you don’t have to have been to war or had a violent incident to be traumatised. Often we’re carrying trauma that’s been handed down to us, the baggage of previous generations, so we’re having to engage all these past issues too. With the times we’re living in (Covid and global warming), the added stress, it’s more important than ever that we look for ways as a community to deal with these underlying issues. If we don’t, the result will be more war, more over reactive responses. This is one of the reasons I have arranged the Portals for the Community project to help people in a gentle way engage with our times, hopefully fun too. It’s important that we come together and feel the support of community to help create change. The more we can heal ourselves, the more we heal others too. The more we can feel and bring awareness to ourselves, the more we can feel and not be numb for others. What we do ripples out and impacts the whole, this cannot be over emphasised.

Optimal Health

If there are no ailments, we can work with what is there. An appointment can still be helpful to look at what might be building up energetically and clear it before it has a chance to become a problem emotionally or physically.

Often situations that occur in our lives – break ups, a change of job, things getting too much. Maybe we’ve been too busy to give ourselves the time to take note of ourself properly, too busy to sense that unease that’s been growing, going unchecked it will cause physical illness.

The energy field holds all information of past trauma just waiting to be thrown off with the right opportunity. It also holds the blueprint to our wellness.

It’s good to align yourself more fully with what feels right and invest in feeling more empowered and attuned with who you truly are; emotionally, mentally and physically. To step forward in your life from a place of joy.


“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.”

– Edward Bach

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It’s possible to have your homeopathic case taken online with FaceTime, What’s App, Zoom and the remedy posted.

People can find homeopathy a little different to their normal Dr visit. Science is now able to back up all that is seen with our own eyes, with quantum physics we are beginning to understand how it all works. It seems mysterious but I don’t believe in miracles, only things we do not understand yet. Are we not standing on a rock flying through space at 76,000mph and rotating at 1000mph, so what’s so unbelievable?

It is clear to me that there is an intelligence in nature; that a butterfly with tissue paper wings and the brain no bigger than a pin head knows how to migrate 1000s of miles (as with the Monarch butterfly), this is incredible. The intelligence needed to create a human eyeball we cannot recreate with our science, but nature just does it … think of all the millions of tiny animal eyeballs on Planet Earth. There is an intelligence underlying all creation that we can tap into and utilise.

About J.M.

I had a fascination with spiritual pursuits from a very young age. I attended meditation retreats in my early twenties. They eventually took me to India where I experienced shamanic ceremony on a pilgrimage around the Southern temples and shrines. Taking part in Yagya ceremony with Brahmin priests.

From 2005-08 I trained in ancient Peruvian techniques at the Light Body School founded by Alberto Villoldo. I travelled to Peru to walk ancient Inca trails with the last of the indigenous tribes of Q’ero.

I continued study of homeopathy, pathology, disease, anatomy and physiology for 5 yrs which confirmed further what I had already learned during my earlier training and solidified my understanding. Seeing the different angles and perspectives from meditation, shamanism and homeopathy have been key in helping me ground the puzzle of the energetic body and how this invisible realm impacts the physical.

We all understand how fear can create a rapid heart beat and sweaty palms, thus it’s not much further to understand how thought patterns and beliefs impact us in negative ways and create illness. We can’t always see what might be impacting us energetically from inherited energetic patterns. Often it’s helpful to have an outside objective view to shift things for us and bring light to our situation. It’s entirely possible that patterns beyond our knowledge are impacting our life in ways unknown to us until fresh insights can help us shift forward.

I’ve had many wonderful teachers to learn from over the years. Time has seen my understanding expand and deepen, revealing to me how healing happens beyond time and space – ceremony is the means by which this can happen, it’s how we access and hack the Light Body.

Let me know if you’d like a ceremony to mark a boundary in time, it’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion, to generate good connections for the future. Also, ceremony is a helpful way to let bad connections go, so you can move forward freely with grace and honour for all parties involved. I also have workshops where it’s possible to learn these techniques.