J Mitchard

Energy Health Practitioner & Homeopath

“The nature of the cosmos is such that whatever vision you have about yourself, and the world, will become a reality.”

– Alberto Villoldo

Healing the Soul

Healing is often about bringing change from a deeper level; a holistic approach to health means attending to all levels of a person – the physical, the emotional and the spiritual, to take every aspect of a life into consideration.

With holistic medicine we treat the underlying cause which could go unseen by the Doctor, homeopathy and energy medicine offers change from a deeper level. The effects of this, ripple into the mental, emotional and physical body. To put it another way – if your sink is spilling over with water and your mopping the floor, you might think it a sensible idea to unplug the sink before you start mopping the floor! We could spend all day mopping, but that seems sort of pointless wouldn’t you agree? Why not unplug the sink and turn the tap off, or adjust the flow from the tap. Homeopathy offers a means of healing from a fresh perspective, a deeper level that the materially minded world will often deny that it even exists and with the media these days most won’t even know that it’s available to them and so suffer unnecessarily with all the mopping. Homeopathy looks at the whole person and goes deeply into the energy of the patient. With a deeper approach we can travel upstream to unblock that problem that’s been damming the river and causing a lack of life and sustenance downstream on the physical and emotional level.


Essentially, homeopathy is about seeing nature in the patient. We all have certain patterns that we are born with and develop. These patterns are mirrored in nature by minerals, plants and animals. When we are at home in ourselves, in our flow and all is in good coordination, we mirror quite beautifully some aspect of nature. Homeopathic remedies are potentised substances that can give power to that inner essence and as such bring us back into alignment with ourselves, bringing healing on all levels.

An example of how this mirror works – we all know that Arsenic when given to a person will make them sick and cause them to throw up. Arsenic can even kill a person, yet when given homeopathically in a potentised version, the mirror of this substance can bring relief. So Arsenicum, the homeopathic remedy, is very useful with sickness bugs!

Simple right?… Well there are 1000s of remedies and so it could be difficult to pinpoint the exact remedy on first attempt. Often we come close enough to bring healing and change. The patient interview process records the physical, mental and emotional symptoms, any dreams, historic moments in the patients life, family history. This information combined helps to find the golden thread or fractal pattern of the patients life, for the perfect matching remedy that brings relief of symptoms.


“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness.”

– Edward Bach

Energetic Interventions

Energetic interventions offer a means of working directly with archetypical forces to assist in bringing about change for the individual. We can be born with or can collect via trauma and unconscious behaviour patterns, imprints, their formation can impact our lives in difficult ways, not just in terms of illness but also what we invite into our lives through resonance, just like a tuning fork if we resonate with certain situations they can stick to us like velcro. Often, we don’t even know why, it can be our past history, or inherited baggage we may not of been consciously aware.

We each have an energetic field that encapsulates our physical body, it holds our genetic information, our blueprint to wellness and holds all our history of past dis-ease. By working with this energetic blueprint it’s possible to shift things on a very deep level to bring about change.

From 2006-08 Jeremy trained in ancient Peruvian illumination and soul techniques at the Light Body School as founded by Alberto Villoldo. This involved walking the Inca Trails in Peru to receive initiation rites from the last of the Q’ero lineage and working with sacred plant medicine in the Amazon jungle. Learning about the values of the medicine wheel and connecting to the ancient Earth Ways and the Stars; building a relationship with Earth and Spirit.

There are many healing interventions possible, all involve a ceremonial process that allows one to work outside of regular time at the level of the soul, working with the energetic blueprint directly – it is possible to clear imprints that have cluttered our luminous energy field and overwrite them with light, then rewrite a new story for our future self to live in wholeness. Often the main task is to facilitate change and integration within the patient, to help energy flow through the patient by assisting alignment of thoughts and behaviour with their life purpose.


“Life and death and rebirth live within me.”

– Alberto Villoldo

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Costs are £45 an hour for shamanic work or homeopathy. First sessions are usually 1hr and 30mins which I charge at £60.